§ 8.30.020. Restrictions on the sale of dogs and cats.  

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    A pet store may offer for sale only those dogs and cats that the pet store has obtained from or displays in cooperation with:


    An animal care facility, as defined in this chapter; or


    An animal rescue organization, as defined in this chapter.


    A pet store shall not offer for sale a dog or cat that is younger than eight weeks old.


    Each pet store shall maintain records sufficient to document the source of each dog or cat the pet store acquires, for at least one year following the date of acquisition. Such records shall be made available, immediately upon request, to any animal control officer, health officer, or any law enforcement agency.


    Each pet store offering dogs or cats for sale shall post, in a conspicuous location on the cage or enclosure of each animal, a sign listing the name of the animal care facility or animal rescue organization from which each dog or cat in the cage or enclosure was acquired.

(Ord. BL2018-1159 § 1, 2018)